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19 February 2009

*Attention* A Statement Re: ICON OF COIL Shows

To: Fans, Promoters & Venues across the world who love Icon of Coil
From: Xenomorph Productions

****An important disclaimer****

ICON OF COIL was co-created by Andy LaPlegua and Sebastian Komor soon after Christian Lund joined, and has remained so ever since.

Pick up any IOC album, and on the album jacket or back cover you may see the symbol and/or credits to Xenomorph Productions.
Xenomorph Productions is the studio of Sebastian Komor. All of Icon of Coil's original tracks music was produced, programmed & arranged by Komor, who is also the producer & creator behind Melt, Moonitor, Squarehead, Zombie Girl, Monofader as well as Komor Kommando (live with END: the DJ, who joined the studio in 2006)

This information is being emphasized for a reason:

During the week of February 7- we received word from other fans & promoters in Europe of seeing dates for an Icon Of Coil Summer Tour in 2009. If this is indeed an actual tour, this was arranged without the knowledge of Sebastian Komor/Xenomorph Prod and until about a week ago, when an email was sent from a wonderful festival promoter who stated that he could not wait to see a reunited IOC live show. The only reunited Icon Of Coil show known to Xenomorph Prod that will have the original three members at the time of this statement (February 2009) is at the Kinetik Festival in Montreal this May. No further arrangements have been agreed upon by Komor as he has already made live performing plans during this Summer for Melt and Komor Kommando along with his continous production work schedule... plus the fact that one might dislike hearing of a tour being planned without the group's co-creator and producer.

To the Icon Of Coil Fans- this may not translate into any difference in listening to a live IOC show with one missing or a substitute member. The music has already been recorded and the classic tracks will still play on and you just might see and hear the same dominant aspects of a live IOC show. But, it would be like a Led Zeppelin reunion with Robert Plant but no Jimmy Page :)
Yet if you think you will be seeing the true reunited Icon Of Coil lineup- you will not.

To Promoters and/or Venues booking Icon Of Coil- let this statement serve as an early warning (or perhaps in some cases a late warning) and make sure your budget is being spent wisely.
If you have booked an Icon Of Coil show thinking you will have the true reunited Icon Of Coil lineup- you will not.

So, in closing, we feel we must state: If you do not read of a show or tour listed within the continuously updated content of Xenomorph Prod's Official Icon Of Coil MySpace Page, and if there is an IOC show listed elsewhere, it is NOT with the original lineup.

We apologize for any false claims that any other parties (booking agencies, artists) have made or continue to make on our behalf and hope others will find this information informative. If any doubts arise, feel free to message us or email us, straight to the source:

Stay true,

Xenomorph Productions
Sebastian Komor- Melt- Moonitor- Squarehead- Monofader- Komor Kommando- END: the DJ