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03 February 2009


New END: the DJ club demo mix now online! Tune in to END's profile and/or sites & crank up the volume:

art- E.M.PIRE ('Vote for Combichrist' artist- L.A.)

March Of The Circuitheads
Club mix Recorded live

E.I.D.- END: the DJ (March of the Circuitheads)
Iambia- Renegade Cult Manifesto
C-Lekktor- We Are Already Death
Vicious Alliance- II Ice Age (2008 Version)
Psytechz- Distorted
FGFC820- The Heart of America
Wynardtage- Crash of a Star (Ginger Snap5 Ringtone Mix)
Worms of the Earth- The Whore
Ground to Dust- Desolate
Uberbyte- The Gift (Erektor Remix)
E.I.D.- Psychokiller
Stahlschlag- Lustseuche
Soman- Absolution
Souless Affection- Broken Dreams
Neurotoxxik- Psy Torture

Thanks to: E.I.D. for the new tracks- a musical genius & friend; to Neurotoxxik for the great new material, Erektor for the amazing work and the rest of the artists who have allowed their work on this mix
Love to: Seb Komor for making 2009 the year of Xenomorph!, E.M.Pire for ever evolving his amazing graphic work; Koji, Karma & Single Cell Productions for the great support above & beyond what anyone would ever do, the Knox Villains (you know who you are), Alter Der Ruine, DJ Plastic Disease and of course, EJ, Alexia, Lisa Jinx & everyone in San Diego; most of all, the listeners & stompers who keep giving inspiration...