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02 February 2009

Special Tour Note: San Diego

Seeing Balboa Park as the plane arrives
Viewing the Pacific sunset again at Mission Beach
Going back to the nightlife in Hillcrest
Lounging with new friends near La Mesa on a lazy Sunday afternoon

As I am recollecting this, I'm sitting on the outdoor lobby in Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego. The perfect weather and it's the start of February. It's so great to be back in my spiritual hometown- if only for a few days during the tour- that I find it's always very hard to leave again.

The trip back home could not have been more perfect. The tour gig at Club Sabbat in the Flame on Hillcrest was absolutely energetic. 'Cyber Nite' was incredible. TONS of people came out ready to dance, stomp, jump and simply scream, and they did. I had great friends who visited- DJ Vikki Wilson from San Francisco (with Dawn, hello!), and The Erektor from L.A., who was able to see exactly how kick ass his rework of the Uberbyte track is on the club floor.

DJ Atom kept the other room in the perfect complimentary tone while EJ Diskdroid and I kept the main area on full tilt the entire time. The Flame venue is spectacular and the Club Sabbat crew have one hell of a night here.

The crowd was screaming. No one was ready to leave. I am still not ready to leave the city- so I had to at least capture this energy here.

Thanks to Alexia, Toni, Damian, the uncanny Ms. Lisa "Jinx" who are already on the same page with me on this cultural frame of mind. Thanks to the many others at Sabbat's Cyber Nite who made the return home an unforgettable experience. Damn. Where does one go from here?

Other than to Vegas, that is...but I'll be back sooner rather than later. SD is always with me, but I find it's nothing compared to being here. Thanks for the reminder!