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23 April 2009

Tour- Baltimore Cancelled, ZOMBIE PROM in MA next on Apr. 28!

Unfortunately, it seems forces at work just doesn't want Baltimore to work out for me- the venue is having troubling times & had to cancel. My apologies to those in the Baltimore area; I know you were looking forward to it! I hope to be up there soon. In the meantime...

*THE CHROME ELEMENTAL DJ TOUR* across North America thru May 2009 (check for dates)
BOOKING North America, Europe & International
Details- xenomorph.productions@gmail.com

Sponsored by:
[Cryoflesh][ReGen Magazine][Single Cell Productions][Darkfaery Subculture Magazine][Grave Concerns Ezine][VampireFreaks]

END: THE DJ (Komor Kommando, Xenomorph Productions) at the ZOMBIE PROM in Massachusetts April 28!


"Be warned that The Chrome Elemental will not give you a moment's rest...This is your perfect alternative dance soundtrack; your feet will bleed and your arms will ache, but you will put it on again the next night"
- ReGen Magazine
"On his first official mix album, End: The DJ combines the dance floor aggression of EBM with the technical prowess and finesse of the best techno DJs"
- Grave Concerns Ezine