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06 May 2009

Updates: Kinetik, Seb's Bday

Okay, so Seb made a liar out of me...

Looks like I will see everyone at the last day of Festival Kinetik after all! I'll see you there with the ICON OF COIL crew representing the Xenomorph Productions studio! I'll also be around Montreal that week, so hopefully I'll also get to keep in touch with everyone!

Seb's birthday is coming up, so give 'em a Happy Bday if you see him around online! It's been another great year for Seb and for Xenomorph- here's to another fantastic year ahead.

As a special birthday gift, I devised an interesting birthday present I recently sent to Seb. We had recent discussions of the dearth of remixes lately, how there's so many out there just for the sake of filling space, it seems, or to beat the concept to death. My argument was that while the original work SHOULD stand on its own, there are quality works out there that can compliment and/or reinterpret the existing work, if given the right focus. Thanks to the awesome skills of E.I.D and Erektor, I was able to prove my point:

Seb LOVES both of these versions and is humbled by this gift. Thank you to my talented artistic friends for this- and thanks to Hollee Hazzard for the nice touch to make the package look fantastic <3

Now, this is Seb's birthday gift- it is not made for public release- but don't be surprised if you may hear these versions of "Love Your Neighbour" out while I'm on tour! ;)

And don't forget- The KOMOR KOMMANDO debut 'das EP' can be ordered NOW. Don't miss it!