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06 January 2010

END: THE DJ - ANGELS ON ACID March 2010 Tour

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[Crunch Pod Music, Komor Kommando]

Signed with the Crunch Pod music label and voted the #1 Industrial Club DJ on The DJ List (world's largest DJ directory), END: the DJ is known for his hard hitting club DJ sets in the hard EBM, Rhythmic Noise, Hardstyle, Aggrotech & Industrial Dance genres. Breaking down boundaries in the Electronic music fields on dance floors while promoting the best independent artists is what motivates End to tour each year since 2006.

End represents Xenomorph Productions, studio of Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil, Zombie Girl) and is a stage member of Komor Kommando (live mixing/sampling), whose debut release 'das EP', premiered in the top 10 of the DAC (German Alternative) charts.

Originally from San Diego, CA, End started out in the Midwest/South in 2005 and now as of 2008 resides in Charlotte, North Carolina (U.S.). End has carried his love of music to the CD decks and has shown much versatility between performing at nightclubs & conventions with many music genres with underground electronic dance themes.

End has opened for such artists as Panzer AG, Assemblage 23, FGFC820, Slick Idiot, Angels On Acid, Man + Machines, Ego Likeness, The Cruxshadows, The Last Dance & many more. In 2006, End started his first DJ tour across the U.S., followed by another in 2007. In mid-February 2007., End was the featured DJ at VisionCon, a major regional sci-fi convention in Missouri. And in May 2007, END: was a featured DJ at Convergence, the largest dark music culture convention in the U.S. 2008 saw End at an Industrial dance event at Dragon*Con, U.S.' largest genre convention.

Currently, End is a resident DJ at clubs in Ohio, North Carolina & Tennessee and is seeking others. He will be a featured DJ at 2010's Kinetik Festival, the largest Electro-Industrial music festival in North America. End continues to tour in North America with plans for the rest of the world in the near future. His new album 'Endtrovert' will be released from Crunch Pod music in early 2010 and will embark on an album tour for the year. On tour, End supports & models Cryoflesh club/cyber wear and Fallout Fashion accessories.

Booked and ranked with Industrial as well as Electronic Dance Music DJs, End is integrating and indeed 'endtroducing' the stompier, darker, more cyberpunk apsects into nightclubs with each live mix, one heavy beat at a time...for what is light without the shadows you cast on the dance floor? the DJ

Angels on Acid was founded by M!K!LL in early 2003 with a heavy influence in EBM, Industrial, Psychedelic Trance, and Goa. The creative vision was to develop all of these dark, aggressive styles and define their own signature sound.

M!K!LL began working with Metal guitarist The Omen in the fall of 2005 and released The Dominate E.P. in the spring of 2006. The Dominate E.P. was a milestone of diversity for their early experimentation of Industrial, EBM, Psychedelic Trance, Metal, and even Synthpop. And though the early stages of their style were born, the hunger for something more defined kept them digging for something deeper.

In June of 2007 Angels on Acid successfully released their first full length album Eyes Behind The Curtain and began distribution with DSBP Records shortly thereafter.

Surprisingly Eyes Behind The Curtain was well received by critics and began selling out of stock reaching orders as far away as Australia and Japan!

December 7th 2007 Angels on Acid's EBM epic Misery Loves Company was featured on the alfa-matrix compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks act III along with other great artist like DAWN OF ASHES, NOISUF-X , LEAETHER STRIP, MODULATE, GRENDEL, SUICIDE COMMANDO, AYRIA, X-FUSION, and TERRORFAKT.

By January of 2008 Angels on Acid became a proud member of the DSBP Records family and re-released their first full length album Eyes Behind The Curtain on the label. Later that month they were also featured on the "90 Minutes" underground music program on Charlotte's 106.5 FM: The End, and portions of their performance were shown on the television program "Fox News Edge." Within the last year AOA has also had the opportunity to perform with international artist like Combichrist, Imperative Reaction, Assemblage 23, De/Vision, Modulate, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

Angels On Acid spent most 2008 touring while working on material for their next full length album. Their music was featured on multiple compilations including the infamous alfa-matrix Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV along with LEAETHER STRIP, FADERHEAD,NACHTMAHR, KOMOR KOMMANDO, UNTER NULL, and ZOMBIE GIRL.

It's a fact that Angels on Acid has established themselves as one of the best up and coming artist in the EBM/Industrial scene today. They are now currently in the studio recording material for their next full length album to be released in early 2010.

So get ready. This is only the beginning.