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25 February 2010

Endtrovert Album Delayed *Details*

As some of you might have read from Crunch Pod's Official Blog, the Endtrovert album has been delayed & will not be released this weekend. Due to last-minute licensing issues, the album has to go thru a bit of re-working.

The bad news: There will be no Komor Kommando Love Your Neighbor remixes...even though I'm in it. You'll just have to catch me live to hear them- for now.
My good friends Alien Vampires must be excluded as well, a surprise to us both.
Such can be the dealings of this business that sometimes, we can't even help promote the artists' works even when the artists want us to do it. Other parties involved simply have their reasons, discovered this is a wider release than intended, and decisions were changed. [On a side note: Artists, make sure you read the fine print if you're not handling your own business & save yourself some future grief]

The good news: Other parties that, like Crunch Pod, do share the thought of promoting artists' work in any good opportunity, have become involved and as a result, a stronger album will be the result!
Not enough credit is ever given due to those behind the scenes, so I would like to thank Frank from Dark Dimensions and Christian from COP International for supporting their artists (as any great label does) and of course Crunch Pod for making everything happen. I look forward to having Endtrovert out there in late March- early April! More news very soon...