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16 April 2010

MISS FD album "Monsters In The Industry" Available Now!

Ft. Lauderdale-based gothic electro artist Miss FD has released her full-length studio album Monsters In The Industry on April 15, 2010 through Quantum Release Records. The new project demonstrates FD's skill at crafting rich electronic textures, mesmerizing vocals and razor-sharp lyrics as she forges a new path into deeper, darker electro-pop territory.

In Monsters in the Industry, Miss FD sets out on a personal journey through pain, fear and uncertainty toward redemption, inspiration and new beginnings. Unleashing raw, primal power through intricate musical layers and breathtaking beats that put conventional dance-pop to shame, Monsters is a beautiful and dangerous landscape waiting to be explored – with FD’s elegant blend of melodic and aggressive vocals leading the way.

Monsters In The Industry is available in CD and digital format through:
Miss FD official website
and other digital media stores.

Track list

01- Break Your Control
02- Disgrace
03- Monsters in the Industry
04- Wanderer
05- Elements Off Time
06- Rebel Apprentice
07- Dream Door
08- Enter the Void
09- Realigned
10- Thunder in the Blood
11- When the Sun Sets

An official video for the new track “Enter The Void” will premiere soon, and a teaser for the album & video can be viewed now.

Find out more about the album, video and other upcoming events at Miss FD's official site, as well as her official MySpace and Facebook page at