New BODY MOVES Mix Series

A new mix series focusing a new direction in END's dark alternative dance sets!

March 21 in Cincinnati

END returns to DARKOTICA in Cincinnati at Mixwell's Northside!

March 22 in Northampton MA

END is a special guest DJ at HAVEN's special KINK event!

March 25 at CEREMONY in Boston

END returns to Boston for CEREMONY'S DEAD MAN PARTY!


Catch END at North America's only Dark Alternative Culture + Fan Convention!

Tune In (->|:|<-)

31 March 2011

THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. I Digital Now Available!

This has been a labor of love & something I've wanted to do these past couple of years, helping to showcase a different kind of underground club culture showcasing the works of many artists from around the globe. I hope you'll like this as much as I did getting this together. And I'm keeping the digital version at this low price!

THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. I download now available!

A double album (21 tracks! + bonus track) of the latest underground club tracks arranged & mixed by END: the DJ with digital booklet.
Available on high quality MP3 or Apple Lossless formats.

THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol I: only $10USD! Click the button here: Get it Now

Featuring songs by (A-Z):
Code 64
Cryogen Second
END: the DJ
Fear Generator
Genetic Disorder
Ground to Dust
November Process
Project Rotten
Sin D.N.A.
Stahlnebel & Black Selket
Worms of the Earth

21 March 2011

Tulsa, OK March 26 + New Orleans April 8!

END: the DJ live in Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday March 26 and New Orleans, Louisiana for a FREE night Friday April 8!

Saturday 26 March- ASSIMILATION
Tulsa, Oklahoma's monthly dark music dance night!

Re:Mission Entertainment
Assimilation Tulsa
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Friday 08 April- ATTRITION
Every Friday, dark alternative dance music on the French Quarter!

Attrition [Facebook]

New album THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC VOL. I exclusively on March 29!

Industrial Club Sessions live monthly on Radio Chaos premiering March 29!

16 March 2011

Update: A Note of Cause & Effect

This update is for you, the dancer & listener:

Cause: In EBM/Industrial, the role of a DJ is never valued respectively or accurately. Although some 'DJs' in these styles don't do much to contradict this, I (re)signed with a certain electronic dance agency after much discussion- an agency that takes the music and what I do seriously.

Effect: There are some solid plans we're making. The music will find a broader base. There will be more outlets and places to check out the beats. There may be fewer END: the DJ appearances at first as rocking the boat will piss off a lot of narrow minded nickel-and-dime promoters and potentially confuse the new promoters…
But you, the dancer & listener, will LOVE what's coming & be better rewarded for it. This is beyond just a style. This is common ground- on the club floor.
This is Industrial Club Music and much more.

Special thanks to and Corson Agency. This is only the beginning (of the END).

END: the DJ
THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. 1- new album March 29
Industrial Club Sessions monthly on Radio Chaos March 29
The Chrome Elemental mix cast bimonthly April 13 [details TBA]

11 March 2011

MEIAN- A Free Download for a Limited Time

Souless Affection & END: the DJ- MEIAN
from the ENDTROVERT album on Shinto Records
Free download for a limited time on Soundcloud.

MEIAN [Japanese] = light & darkness. Much love & strength to the people of Japan.

MEIAN by endthedj
MEIAN free download link

- New double album THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. I March 29
- Industrial Club Sessions monthly live mixes debuts March 29 on Radio Chaos

Industrial Club Sessions: Monthly by END: the DJ on RADIO CHAOS!

Radio Chaos hosts top quality shows & DJs such as Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand- and premiering 29 March:
END: the DJ's Industrial Club Sessions! On the last Tuesday of each month a live mix set of the latest tracks on the cutting edge; the debut coincides with the release of END's new album THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. I!
Click the image below to link to Radio Chaos