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Oct 31 in Cincinnati

END returns to DARKOTICA in Cincinnati at Mixwell's Northside!

November 1 in Albany NY

END is a special guest DJ at EXHUMANITY'S special event!

March 27-29 at DARK SIDE OF THE CON 4

END returns to North America's only dark alternative culture + fan convention!

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12 November 2008

16 Nov- New Cryoflesh Photos by Negative Image

This weekend [16 November],
Check out new photos to be online of END: the DJ in some of the gear- Necrolord mask, gauntlet, rivet head hoodie, Dementia Boxer shoes- for The Chrome Elemental tour provided by the amazing people at Cryoflesh Cyber-club clothing shop.

Thanks to Negative Image for the photo session:

10 November 2008

(TULSA OK) The Return to ASSIMILATION Nov. 22!

That's right- Saturday 22 November in the hottest 18 + up night in the mid-south: ASSIMILATION! Don't miss the official NIN Afterparty with new music to melt the floor! Lace up those boots...

09 November 2008

Komor Kommando On Advanced Electronics 7!

Just in time to be put under your Christmas tree, Synthethic Symphony presents Part 7 of the most successful electro/EBM compilation series around! Also this time, this latest Volume comes as very fair priced, double-CD+DVD package in digipak! As with the previous volumes, also Vol. 7 not only contains the biggest names of the electro-scene, but also a number of promising Newcomers – and as always, also this volume includes a high number of EXCLUSIVE songs and remixes!

Without a doubt one of the best done, and most popular compilation with more than 2 hours of sound and 18 Videoclips.

Released on synthetic Symphony and available November 28th, 2008

01 Agonoize-Schaufensterpuppenarsch (AE Version)
02 Rotersand-Rushing (extended version)
03 Grossstadtgefluester-Lebenslauf (lang)
04 Schwefelgelb-Stein auf Stein
05 Klangstabil-Math & Emotion (The square root of three)
06 Hotel Persona feat.Brian Molko-Modern Kids
07 Lesbian Mouseclicks-Double Deja Vu (Spooky remix)
08 Ticon-Models on Cocaine (short edit)
09 The Huitbeat-Dance Collective M
10 Shaun F-Dirty fu**ing Disco
11 AutoAuto-Hastwerk
12 The Retrosic-Feeding time
13 Project Pitchfork-If I could
14 Die Form-Her(t)z Frequenz
15 J├Ąger 90-Meine Angst
16 Bruderschaft-Return (Imperative Reaction Remix)
17 Diskotek-Don't know Your name (remix)
18 Kite-Ways to Dance

01 Alphaville-Dance with Me [Sebastian Komor 2008 edit mix]
02 Beborn Beton-24-7 Mystery (Chuck Mellow remix)
03 Ultima Bleep-We stand alone
04 Scandy-Million Dollar Weekend
05 Sono-2000 Guns (Motopark remix)
06 Bullmeister-Icecream & Love (dance edit)
07 The Horrorist-13 Dobermans (the Advent remix)
08 Frittenbude-Electrofikkkke
09 Komor Kommando-Beating around the bushes
10 KiEw-Kaeferfruehstueck (8 Uhr edit)
11 Squarehead feat. Zombie Girl-Rockin'
12 Felix Marc-Digital Love (Room 805 remix)
13 Cat People-Tanya is on My bed (remixed by David Kano (Cycle))
14 Plastic Noise Experience-Zu nah (Leaether Strip mix)
15 Funker Vogt-White Trash (live)
16 Eisenfunk feat. Maria Mortifera-Sicko

01 Faderhead-TZDV
02 Schwefelgelb-Stein auf Stein
03 Camouflage-(tba)
04 Welle: Erdball-(tba)
05 Felix Marc-Give back the moments
06 Frozen Plasma-Warmongers (Live)
07 Crisk vs Leaether Strip-Beute
08 Noblesse Oblige-Tanz, Mephisto!
09 Glis-October Skies
10 State of the Union-Radioman
11 Funker Vogt-(tba)
12 The Beauty of Gemina-This Time
13 Deathstar-Blitzkrieg
14 Mina Harker-(tba)
15 Schneewittchen-Destruktiv (remix)
16 Krystal System-Slice
17 Rummelsnuff-Vollnarkose
18 Subway to Sally-Auf Kiel

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Art/Image: E.M.Pire (L.A., CA)


07 November 2008

Thanks to Those Who (re)Voted On The DJ List!

Thanks to those who voted for me again in November on The DJ List dot com! Damn- all of you are really getting the dark underground elevated. Clubs are taking notice. Let's keep shocking 'em >=)

Click the image to vote on The DJ List!


05 November 2008

The 5th of November ^_^

How very timely!
Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all-

04 November 2008

The NEW single from the new album- FREE download!

FREE online single ep from 'The Chrome Elemental' mix album by E.I.D. (Germany)! Download now- click image:

THE CHROME ELEMENTAL album- available in November!