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09 November 2008

Komor Kommando On Advanced Electronics 7!

Just in time to be put under your Christmas tree, Synthethic Symphony presents Part 7 of the most successful electro/EBM compilation series around! Also this time, this latest Volume comes as very fair priced, double-CD+DVD package in digipak! As with the previous volumes, also Vol. 7 not only contains the biggest names of the electro-scene, but also a number of promising Newcomers – and as always, also this volume includes a high number of EXCLUSIVE songs and remixes!

Without a doubt one of the best done, and most popular compilation with more than 2 hours of sound and 18 Videoclips.

Released on synthetic Symphony and available November 28th, 2008

01 Agonoize-Schaufensterpuppenarsch (AE Version)
02 Rotersand-Rushing (extended version)
03 Grossstadtgefluester-Lebenslauf (lang)
04 Schwefelgelb-Stein auf Stein
05 Klangstabil-Math & Emotion (The square root of three)
06 Hotel Persona feat.Brian Molko-Modern Kids
07 Lesbian Mouseclicks-Double Deja Vu (Spooky remix)
08 Ticon-Models on Cocaine (short edit)
09 The Huitbeat-Dance Collective M
10 Shaun F-Dirty fu**ing Disco
11 AutoAuto-Hastwerk
12 The Retrosic-Feeding time
13 Project Pitchfork-If I could
14 Die Form-Her(t)z Frequenz
15 J├Ąger 90-Meine Angst
16 Bruderschaft-Return (Imperative Reaction Remix)
17 Diskotek-Don't know Your name (remix)
18 Kite-Ways to Dance

01 Alphaville-Dance with Me [Sebastian Komor 2008 edit mix]
02 Beborn Beton-24-7 Mystery (Chuck Mellow remix)
03 Ultima Bleep-We stand alone
04 Scandy-Million Dollar Weekend
05 Sono-2000 Guns (Motopark remix)
06 Bullmeister-Icecream & Love (dance edit)
07 The Horrorist-13 Dobermans (the Advent remix)
08 Frittenbude-Electrofikkkke
09 Komor Kommando-Beating around the bushes
10 KiEw-Kaeferfruehstueck (8 Uhr edit)
11 Squarehead feat. Zombie Girl-Rockin'
12 Felix Marc-Digital Love (Room 805 remix)
13 Cat People-Tanya is on My bed (remixed by David Kano (Cycle))
14 Plastic Noise Experience-Zu nah (Leaether Strip mix)
15 Funker Vogt-White Trash (live)
16 Eisenfunk feat. Maria Mortifera-Sicko

01 Faderhead-TZDV
02 Schwefelgelb-Stein auf Stein
03 Camouflage-(tba)
04 Welle: Erdball-(tba)
05 Felix Marc-Give back the moments
06 Frozen Plasma-Warmongers (Live)
07 Crisk vs Leaether Strip-Beute
08 Noblesse Oblige-Tanz, Mephisto!
09 Glis-October Skies
10 State of the Union-Radioman
11 Funker Vogt-(tba)
12 The Beauty of Gemina-This Time
13 Deathstar-Blitzkrieg
14 Mina Harker-(tba)
15 Schneewittchen-Destruktiv (remix)
16 Krystal System-Slice
17 Rummelsnuff-Vollnarkose
18 Subway to Sally-Auf Kiel