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18 June 2009

Unconstructive Criticism ^_^

There is nothing more than getting to meet and hear from your peers. Meeting Rexx Arkana & Dracos (FGFC820) was a highlight of the Kinetik Festival for me this year as both are outstanding DJs & artists who I have highly respected for a very long time (that they walked up & said hello was a pleasant surprise!). And Rexx- man, we're talking about Mr. Bruderschaft here. It was quite an honour.

And the other thing I love? The DJ List. Over 200,000 DJs from all over the world on that directory, and it's voted on by you & me. I admire everyone out there who checks out the music and all of you who are reading this kick ass by having Industrial represented on this list, much less voting for me on it. It's always encouraging me to get this great new music done by amazing artists out to your dance floor. Plus, as a comparison, if the New York Times tells an author that his book is on the Best Sellers list, I would think that author would show that with pride as well ^_^

But you know that old adage, you can't please everyone. Such as this interesting Myspace message from Hellraver aka Terrorfakt:

Well- it's one way to be noticed eh?
Hmm- I do push it more than a little with the music, though. Hey, a new quote! hehe