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19 August 2009

Beware of Name-Droppers!

I have been alarmed recently about certain bands, promoters & DJs who others have contacted me saying that they 'know End', 'yea, End's a close friend', etc. etc. just to make some headway with those I have a working and/or personal relationship with.

These are what I call Name-Droppers- and they are to be avoided. These people can potentially damage that which we as an alternative, independent sub-culture work to continuously maintain.

Anyone who runs into these Name-Droppers, contact me. Unless you hear a personal recommendation from me, I do not vouch for them. These people can contact me & yes, I will then personally recommend, but if they don't even keep in touch with ME, it would be kind of strange to support them, yes?

Sorry to have to bring this up, but it's been happening ALOT lately...