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01 November 2009

The Dark Room Reunion Party Nov. 14 (Fayetteville AR)

In 2004, The Dark Room started the dark music nightlife scene with events in the Northwest Arkansas area.
The original crew & people now celebrate a special FREE reunion party for an evening of decadence & dance!

END: the DJ (Komor Kommando, Xenomorph Productions)
returning to the area where he started his DJing career

Anthony Bale
From Gothic to EBM & Industrial, Bale always has the skill of keeping the dark energy flowing on the floor

Death Mistress
The dark queen of the area, this relentless DJ kicked off parties in the area and continues to assault clubs in the present & future

This FREE celebration takes place at the notorious Sanctum @ The Batcave, a sublevel party hall of gatherings for many years.
The party kicks off at 9pm & ends when it's dawn (or later- daylight is absent here...)
Get ready for an evening of EBM | Industrial | Gothic | Darkwave | Aggrotech both classic & new!

Sponsored by
Ravenwood Manor
K Herbert Photography

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