New BODY MOVES Mix Series

A new mix series focusing a new direction in END's dark alternative dance sets!

Oct 31 in Cincinnati

END returns to DARKOTICA in Cincinnati at Mixwell's Northside!

November 1 in Albany NY

END is a special guest DJ at EXHUMANITY'S special event!

March 27-29 at DARK SIDE OF THE CON 4

END returns to North America's only dark alternative culture + fan convention!

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24 May 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Cincinnati OH 28 May, Minneapolis MN 31 May

This holiday weekend: Catch me at Quorum's 1 year anniversary with DJ ANDY LAPLEGUA of Combichrist Friday night followed by a guest set in Minneapolis at HARD MONDAYS (with NO cover!). Both will have copies of the new 'Endtrovert' album available! (->|:|<-)

Friday 28 May
After the amazing European tour with RAMMSTEIN, DJ ANDY LAPLEGUA [COMBICHRIST] comes to Cincinnati!! Alongside Andy, we bring you great DJ talents form the region and the nation including END: THE DJ in support of his new album!

* ANDY LAPLEGUA (Combichrist, Icon of Coil, Panzer AG)
* END: the DJ (Komor Kommando, Shinto Records)
* MIKE DANGERS (Darkotica Thursdays, Cincinnati)
* MATT FREEMAN (Vex the Nightclub, on Fridays at Dayton)
* SIDESHOW (Deafixion, Fridays in Louisville)
* PSY-REX (Crossover of Psy-Trance and Industrial from Cincinnati)

2x STAGES - Cocktail hour at Adonis the Nightclub before party

** Celebrating the 1st anniversary of QUORUM!

** CD release party of END: the DJ with new album "ENDTROVERT"

** Meet up-close and personal one of the biggest legends in the Industrial music world! Enjoy Andy's mixes combined with local and national talents!

** Zoran Photography will be here taking pictures and showcasing their work. ^_^

4601 Kellogg Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45226-2422
(513) 871-1542
Cover $5 / Ages 18+ / Doors at 9PM

Monday 31 May
Coming back all the way from North Carolina and Ohio, welcome back END the DJ releasing his new CD "endtrovert".

New 'Endtrovert' album features current & exclusive tracks by Centhron, Uberbyte, .E.I.D, Angels On Acid, Stahlnebel & Black Selket and many more

Don't miss this rare appearance in the twin cities!

Monday May 31st, 2010
Doors @ 10

$2 Premium Graint Belt & Rolling Rock
$3 Jag
$4 UV Vodka

No Cover

10 May 2010

This Week: Endtrovert Album Release + At Kinetik Festival [Canada]!

a big week as the ENDTROVERT album is released Saturday May 15 on Shinto Records. The album can still be ordered with a bonus compilation CD up to May 14- I'll also be having limited copies with me at the KINETIK FESTIVAL this week in Montreal as I have a DJ set plus live on stage with Komor Kommando! See you there! (->|:|<-)

May 11
Pre-Festival Night @ Bar Passeport

(more info coming soon...)
10pm to 3am

May 12.Phase 1-Electro Night (A presentation of Dj Mini) @ Usine C
Fixmer / McCarthy [UK]
David Carretta [FR]
Ascii Disko [ES]
DJ Mini [CA]
DJ Jordan Dare [CA]

BBQ/Vendors area 6pm - Show Hall 7pm

May 12.Opening night (no cover!!!) @ Café Usine C
more info coming soon...
7pm to 3am

May 13.Phase 2-Old School/Industrial Night @ Usine C
Leaether Strip [DK]
Vomito Negro [BE]
Tyske Ludder [DE]
Imperative Reaction [US]
16 Volt [US]
Chemlab [US]
Left Spine Down [CA]
Alter Der Ruine [US]
Gothsicles [US]
Caustic [US]
T-Faktor [US]
Left Side Neighbour [CA]

BBQ/Vendors area 3pm - Show Hall 4pm

May 14.Phase 3-Hars Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
Absolute Body Control [BE]
Alien Vampires [IT]
Decoded Feedback [CA]
Synapscape [DE]
FGFC 820 [US]
Komor Kommando [CA]
Edgey [US]
Iszoloscope [CA]
Aliceffekt [CA]

BBQ/Vendors area 3pm - Show Hall 4pm

May 15.Phase 4-Harsh Indust/Noise Night @ Usine C
Hocico [MX]
Dive [BE]
Tactical Sekt [US/UK]
Hypnoskull [DE]
Ambassador 21 [BY]
Terrorfakt [US]
Destroid [DE]
Nachtmahr [AT]
FabrikC [DE]
Memmaker [CA]
Ivardensphere [CA]
Torrent Vaccine/Synnack [US]

BBQ/Vendors area 3pm - Show Hall 4pm

May 16.Phase 5-EBM/Synthpop Night @ Usine C
Covenant [SE]
Rotersand [DE]
Melotron [DE]
Frozen Plasma [DE]
Faderhead [DE]
Lights of Euphoria [DK]
Run Level Zero [SE]
Unter Null [US]
Cesium 137 [US]
Fractured [CA]
Glenn Love [CA]
Detroit Diesel [CA]

BBQ/Vendors area 3pm - Show Hall 4pm

May 17
After-Festival Night @ Bar Passeport
(more info coming soon...)
10pm to 3am

Festival DJ’s

Festival VJ’s

Festival vendors
- Storming the Base [cd's, t-shirts and more]
- Artoffact Records [cd's, t-shirts and more]
- Plastik Wrap [clothings]
- Industrial Shirts [t-shirts and more]
- Crissiswear [clothings]
- Pater Noster / Netmanagement [promotion]
- Cyclic Law [cd's and more]
- Vampirefreaks [t-shirts and more]
- Auxiliary Magazine [magazine]
- Orthodox Diesel [accessories]
- AO Designs [fake hair and accessories]
- My Little Ponytail [fake hair and accessories]
- Biomechanical Candy [fake hair and accessories]
- Boutique Obscure [clothings]
- Gourmet Chips & Sauces [chips, sauces and more]
- Xander Star Design [gas masks]

more info on the Kinetik Festival website

tickets info available on the Kinetik Festival online store

we will also post on the kinetik website info about special promo on hotel for the festival in the first 2 weeks of January, stay tuned for more info...

Important note for people coming to the festival from outside Canada:

For the U.S. travelers coming by plane to Canada, passport will be required. For the ones arriving by land (car / train), you will need a valid passport to enter Canada. Be aware that no one without passport will be granted access by land to Canada.

For the Mexican travelers, since August 2009 visitor visa are now required to enter Canada as tourist. They are quite easy to get at your local Canadian embassy, but be sure to do your request in time to get them well ahead of the festival dates.

Be sure to be well prepared before leaving for Canada, do your passport or visa demands if they are necessary!