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29 August 2010

TRITON FESTIVAL 03-05 Sept: Catch END's DJ set & w/NORTHBORNE live!

The largest Industrial/Gothic festival in the U.S. is next weekend! Looking forward to wrecking the decks on my DJ set plus mixing with Christian Lund (Icon Of Coil) for Northborne live! (->|:|<-)

VampireFreaks & Audiolust Present

September 3rd, 4th and 5th 2010
Labor Day Weekend (no school or work on Monday)
Brooklyn, New York City

Music Style: Electronic, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Gothic, Noise, Metal & Experimental

[Norway :: Out Of Line, Metropolis Records]
This trio consisting of Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist, Panzer Ag, Scandy), Sebastian Komor (Zombie Girl, Moonitor, Squarehead, Melt), Christian Lund (Northborne) are reunited to bring you back Icon of Coil, one of the most infectious EBM bands to date. Their music is guaranteed to make you move; from 2000's 'Shallow Nation' to 2004's 'Machines Are Us' their set diversity is second to none with a plethora of club hits. A very rare US appearance for this not to be missed show.

[Norway :: Sony, Columbia, Tatra, Metropolis]
One of electronic music's hardest bands to classify, Apoptygma Berzerk has continued to evolve through the years and still remain on top. Starting as an industrial band and one of the defining bands of the 'futurepop' genre, they have since begun offering a diverse blend of organic music and staying true to their synthetic backgrounds. Fresh from the infamous South By South West Festival, they come for you New York!

[Germany :: Trisol, Metropolis Records]
Classic Goth pioneers. Over 20 years of musical history surround this monumental band. Fueled with a new album they are prepared to show you just how unique their haunting sound is. As if they have ever failed, having reached billboard charts uncommon for the genre. Ronny Moorings, has been hailed for his dedication and truly one of a kind compositions. Fiends of their live shows have been quoted that the experience was "breath taking" First NYC appearance since 1999!

[Detroit :: Fixt]
Celldweller continues to dominate the industrial music charts on amazon, and their self-titled album reached #17 on the billboard internet sales chart. Celldweller's music has been featured in countless blockbuster movies such as "Iron Man, "Spiderman 3", "Speed Racer". Klayton's instrumental skills have been hailed as one of the most multi-faceted to date; this man can truly do it all. His live vision is sure to stand out.

[Austria :: Out Of Line, Bractune]
Pure, unadulterated aggrotech/industrial, Daniel Graves' creation has been a growing force to be reckoned with. After a series of European Festival dates, they are bringing the madness home to the US.

[Hawaii + Florida + California :: Cleopatra Records]
One of Industrial/Darkwave's most influential bands to date! The brain child of Romell Regulacion, the incorporation of melodies and heart felt lyrics, this is one veteran that if you are not a fan of yet, they will make you one without even a wasted breath.

[NYC :: Metropolis Records]
One of Industrial's heaviest bands to date, comedic-sexually charged German lyrics, grinding guitars, and just pure brutality. There is no question why this band hit the road with the likes of Ministry, and will have you dancing with fists clenched.

[Los Angeles :: Metropolis Records]
EBM stand outs, Imperative Reaction gained the attention of VNV Nation, who helped expose this ever evolving band. Ted and company have always brought one energetic show you are sure to never find anywhere else.

[Germany :: Infacted Records, Cop International]
This fresh electro/EBM project has been cranking out club favorites with a fury. Having toured with Combichrist in Europe, they are set to put their madness to work in the US and make you a believer!

[Toronto, Canada :: Alfa Matrix]
Without a doubt one of Industrial's fastest growing projects, Jen Parkin is not only one of the most talented new minds in the industry, but one of the most beautiful. She has captured the attention of countless fans, and is sure to hypnotize you with her one of a kind presence.

[Los Angeles + Germany :: Infacted, WTII]
Best known for their smash club-hit "Radioman" and their new "Dancing In The Dark" single, their lyrics are beautifully honest and unforgettable; coupled with melodies that will be stuck in your head for years to come.

[Los Angeles :: Metropolis Records, Dependent]
Recently on tour with VNV Nation and now supporting their 2010 "Strangers" album, System Syn have been gaining momentum with their dark EBM tunes. The brainchild of Clint Carney, also known for his horrific paintings and tattoo work.

[Italy :: Infacted, A Different Drum]
Fresh from the shores of Italy, this fresh approach to Electropop is set to stand apart from the rest and alter the dance floor into a writhing orgy.
First NYC Show Ever!

[NYC :: Metropolis Records]
New York's own harshest of the harsh. The most brutal project to date in any scale of the electronic scene. Their live show is just as unpredictable as their music, and will beat you into submission.

[NYC :: Cop International, Noitekk]
What happens when you combine two of New York's most stand out DJs? You get this unforgettable imerssion into true harsh EBM. Recently playing shows around South America and Mexico.

[Ft Lauderdale, FL :: Somatic, Spiralchords]
his maybe a new incarnation (2001) for Industrial Metal, but they are not taking any prisoners already and have garnered a huge fan following.. Having toured with Wednesday 13, The Birthday Massacre, and The Gentitorturers; they are standing out fast and gaining more steam by the minute. Get ready to raise those horns.

[Edmonton, Canada :: Alfa Matrix]
The new face of pulsating, sexually charged EBM music like you have never heard. Sebastian Komor of Zombie Girl and Icon of Coil is ready to set the dance floors on fire with his newest vision.

[New Jersey :: Noitekk, Cop International]
From the grimey NJ industrial underground, Life Cried is becoming an international phenomenon. This new project is sure to take you back to the better days of artists such as Wumpscut and Suicide Commando while drowning you in a completely altered state of mind. This is new sinister/evil industrial at it's best.

[Norway :: Out Of Line]
One of Icon of Coils' core members since 2000, Christian Lund's own Northborne is just flat out going to own your ass on the dance floor. Be ready to sweat! Christian will be joined by END: the DJ (Shinto Records) on stage!

[Los Angeles]
From one of a kind sounds to an amazingly haunting imagery, Ink Dot Boy has been taking VampireFreaks by storm as one of the website's top bands. One can only fantasize about what this live performance hopes to offer.

[New Jersey :: Noitekk]
Part of Jersey's fresh batch and recently playing at Wave Gotik Treffen, their track "Hold On" became a club staple at Cybertron. Panic Lift presents a vision of crunching guitars, pulsating beats, and truly evil voices. This is a whole new experiance you must check out!

[NYC :: Nilaihah Records]
Interface has grown an impressive following and doing great on the vampirefreaks charts. Their newest single "Body Flow" is taking dancefloors by storm. (Interface is playing at the Triton pre-party at Cybertron)

[Chicago :: WTII]
Chicago yet again continues to crank out the most bizarre and flat out fucking insane project to date. If you don't feel like you are loaded on acid and watching a mental home on stage, I would be highly surprised.

[Philadelphia :: Komblok]
Panzer Division has been crushing audio systems since 1998 with it's own brand of rhythmic noise and ebm influenced dark electronic sound. Their hit single "I Am Sinistar" receives heavy rotation in industrial clubs, gaining them a cult following.

[New Jersey]
After a launch tour with Industrial legends Haujobb, Anti-Mechanism is one very harsh and agressive project from Jersey you will be sure to cling to for more.

Production, sound & lights by Audiolust


Main Stage:
Oceana Hall
1029 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235
By Subway: Q and B to Brighton Beach Avenue

2nd Venue with DJs including
END: THE DJ (Shinto Records)
premiering new tracks from his upcoming "Fires On The Shore" EP plus more exclusive club beats!

Velvet Rope Lounge (1 block away from Oceana Hall)
3212 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Info about Coney Island Attractions with DJ Music during the day TBA

Limited Capacity! Get Your Tickets Early!
$120 before July 1st
$130 before August 1st
$140 after August 1st
(Includes all activities for all 3 days plus the Cybertron pre-party)
Free premium VF membership for year with festival pass purchase


Purchase Festival tickets here:

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Tickets Available at

VampireFreaks store
189 Avenue A
(btw 11th & 12th st)
New York, NY 10009

Salon Sugar
711 E. Passyunk ave
Philadelphia PA 19147

Official Pre-Party:
Cybertron @ Santos
96 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
Performance by Interface
2 floors w/ DJ's
Thursday, September 2nd (Ages 18+)
:-) supporting the scene


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