New BODY MOVES Mix Series

A new mix series focusing a new direction in END's dark alternative dance sets!

Oct 31 in Cincinnati

END returns to DARKOTICA in Cincinnati at Mixwell's Northside!

November 1 in Albany NY

END is a special guest DJ at EXHUMANITY'S special event!

March 27-29 at DARK SIDE OF THE CON 4

END returns to North America's only dark alternative culture + fan convention!

Book END: the DJ to a dance floor near you!

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29 September 2010

Live- Louisville, KY at BEETLEJUICE Oct. 2

Come kick off October with

Dress as your favorite character
Make your way through the spider cave to get into the bar

Dance in the Graveyard to
END: the DJ (San Diego) Touring
DJ Copper Top (Indianapolis) Touring
DJ Sideshow (Louisville)

Artist and vendors
Izzy's Little Creepers
Z Photography
SIsters of Sacred Flesh w/ Special Guest Rocky Doll
Mistress Makari
Shawna the Dead
Trista Ray
Margo Davis
Cadillac Seville

Special shows through out the night you never know what will happen
Plus a special show themed to Beetlejuice!!!!