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07 October 2010

Assimilation Presents The DESTUKTOUR Oct-Nov 2010!

From one of the premier dark underground club nights in the nation: a tour that brings the club night to a U.S. city near you for a limited time!

ASSIMILATION presents the
END: THE DJ (Komor Kommando, Northborne)
One of the most well-known Industrial club DJs, End tours internationally in support of the latest independent music directly from the artists to the club floor along with End's own original music! Fresh from his Mexico Tour, End is touring again in the U.S. for his latest mix album Endtrovert along with his new track "Fires On The Shore" featuring Assemblage 23, System Syn, UBERBYTE and Miss FD being released on a benefit EP. End is a 2010 resident with Re:Mission Entertainment events, including Assimilation.

DJ BONE!! (Assimilation)
Formerly with Espermachine, DJ Bone has continued to be one of the most skilled DJs at filling a floor with his own mixture of EBM, Synthpop, Industrial and other surprises! Bone is a mainstay behind the amazing nights at Assimilation and will be mixing a compilation for Shinto Records in the near future.

10/30/10: Assimilation Halloween Ball- Tulsa OK
10/31/10: Synthetic Sundays Halloween Bash- Tulsa OK
11/04/10: Industry @ The Church- Dallas TX
11/05/10: El Infierno- Matamoros MX
11/06/10: Night Shift @ Club NV- McAllen, TX
11/12/10: Klub Terminal- Tijuana, MX
11/13/10: Klub Terminal- Las Vegas, NV
11/14/10: Klub Terminal- Los Angeles CA
11/20/10: Wichita, KS
11/21/10: Denver, CO - TBA
11/27/10: Assimilation @ The Marquee- Tulsa OK

About ASSIMILATION and the DestrukTOUR
Assimilation is produced by Re:Mission Entertainment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With images produced by INDUSTRIARTS (graphic artist on many EBM/Industrial artist releases) and custom visuals by NOVACHILD with a club presentation that assaults the senses, Assmilation has quickly become a well-known monthly night with people from around the Midwest & South region attending regularly.

The DestrukTOUR will feature custom visuals plus merchandise of the latest END: the DJ releases and Assimilation wear & accessories. Don't miss this incredible show, where the Assimilation club night travels to YOU.

Sponsored by:
Re:Mission Entertainment
Auxiliary Magazine
Shinto Records
X Tra X Underground Fashion

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