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16 March 2011

Update: A Note of Cause & Effect

This update is for you, the dancer & listener:

Cause: In EBM/Industrial, the role of a DJ is never valued respectively or accurately. Although some 'DJs' in these styles don't do much to contradict this, I (re)signed with a certain electronic dance agency after much discussion- an agency that takes the music and what I do seriously.

Effect: There are some solid plans we're making. The music will find a broader base. There will be more outlets and places to check out the beats. There may be fewer END: the DJ appearances at first as rocking the boat will piss off a lot of narrow minded nickel-and-dime promoters and potentially confuse the new promoters…
But you, the dancer & listener, will LOVE what's coming & be better rewarded for it. This is beyond just a style. This is common ground- on the club floor.
This is Industrial Club Music and much more.

Special thanks to and Corson Agency. This is only the beginning (of the END).

END: the DJ
THIS. IS. INDUSTRIAL CLUB MUSIC Vol. 1- new album March 29
Industrial Club Sessions monthly on Radio Chaos March 29
The Chrome Elemental mix cast bimonthly April 13 [details TBA]