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28 April 2011

May 07- END in Rochester, New York!

Saturday May 07, The Rapture's going down in Rochester, New York- as the machines take charge! Don't miss END: the DJ at this special event!

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Last year hundreds gathered for the Rapture in Rochester, NY. Angels, demons and survivors danced their way through the destroyed lands of Earth, the pearly gates of Heaven and the fiery depths of Hell. Now, over a year later, those who made it through the night must face yet another attack on mankind, but this time around there are no devilish tails or snow-white wings...

On May 7th, 2011 DevGen Entertainment brings to you RAPTURE v2.0 : Rise Against the Machines! A night of beeps, boops, and- most importantly- beats! We bring to you the finest in local, out-of-state and international talent encompassing many genres that you love, which includes electro, hardcore, DnB, electronica, hip-hop, industrial, hard trance, trance and more!

As always we enjoy bringing you more than music alone, so in addition to the fantastic sounds of our top-notch DJs you can expect:

-Robot-errific decorations!
-Live painting!
-Free snacks to keep you going all night long!
-A costume contest with prizes for the best costumes!
-Giveaways all throughout the night!
-Drink specials all night long!
-Jack Daniels promotion (free shots!)
-Exciting visuals!
-...and much more!

****Masters of Sound****

END: The DJ // San Diego, CA
EBM, Industrial
Nilaihah Records, Circuithead Promotions, Corson Agency

Cynex // Toronto, Canada
Hard Trance
Discotoast, Bring the Bass, DayDream, theBeatRanch

B² (Boxygen b2b MixMasterBates) // Buffalo, NY
The Herd, Beats Inc., WaxxAddict, Beats Inc., NuSkool Pirates

Audiosaurus (Dan0 b2b Chucks) // Buffalo, NY
'Beats Inc.

Visk // Rochester, NY

statueofaking VS lumberJACK VS animatronic the abolisher // Portsmouth, NH
Death Metal/Electronica/Grindcore/Hip-Hop/Killhop

Tickets are $10 at the door and there will be a $7 surcharge for individuals under 21, as per the venue's policy.

PLUR, ROAR and BEEP BOOP in full effect!